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Frequently asked questions

Is your workshop really for free?

Yes, participation is for free. In our workshops we give you a introduction into working agile, we show you first test cases and you learn some basics about agile. Of course we also offer PREMIUM courses for deeper understanding of agile and individual coaching. 

What are you doing with my contact details?

Our company is based in Germany that is why we strictly follow the European GDPR regulations. Your contact information will be stored and used to inform you just about upcoming CONNECTINGSCIENCE events. We do not sell or provide your contact details to other organisations, other than those required to organise a workshop. At any time you can ask us to delete your contact details. Just inform us via

Are these remote workshops or onsite?

Our workshops are remote workshops. But we also offer courses in onsite. They mostly take place in the Frankfurt area (Germany). For our remote workshops we use Zoom, Mural and other digital tools.

We offer FREE agile workshops on a regular basis 📆

👉 including agile in UX design, data science
and non-technical fields 


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